8.5.1.Darfur Energy charcoal-bricks-kalma-idpcampDarfur Alternative Energy

Darfur Alternative Energy Project (DAEP)

Project dates: December 2009 - June 2010

As part of UNEP's umbrella project on Environmental Integration in Sudan, ProAct will undertake research on suitable alternative energy options for Darfur, and support organisations to implement alternative energy programming.

Domestic energy has been singled out as a major concern in all three Darfur states for a number of years, with a growing realisation that the situation is not going to improve unless some external intervention is initiated. A task force comprising representatives from UN agencies, NGOs and civil society representatives, the Environmental Technology Task Force (ENTEC) was established to focus on this and related concerns.

The main purpose of the DAEP project is to identify viable and appropriate alternative energy options that would effectively reduce the consumption of timber and fuelwood - and hence slow deforestation - in Darfur. Recognising that some alternative technologies might lend themselves to application in Darfur - if cultural and other sensitivities and preferences can be addressed - the study is specifically designed to review possible alternatives that may be being used elsewhere to inform the introduction and eventual scale-up of such technologies across Darfur.

The project comprises both a desk study and field research and consultation, and includes the design of four pilot projects. It will also connect with other relevant initiatives in Darfur, elsewhere in Sudan and elsewhere in the region where the transfer of experiences and/or technologies may be appropriate.

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