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Environmental Planning for Return Communities, Darfur, Sudan

Project dates: December 2009 - April 2010

ProAct Network is providing support to the International Organisation for Migration (IOM) for environment-related activities in Sudan. Funded by the Government of Japan, this project aims at enriching IOM's knowledge of selected return sites for internally displaced people (IDPs) in Darfur in order to improve livelihoods for return and host communities through enhanced environmental management.

Several different activities are envisaged in support of this objective, including the strengthening of IOM's village assessment surveys through the development of the Environmental Planning for Return (EPR) assessment. EPR assessments will gather key environmental baseline data in priority return villages, and identify major threats and opportunities for immediate environmental interventions as well as issues that require further specialist assistance.

The project will also provide a basis for the development and implementation of Environmental Planning for Returns (EPR) at specific locations, to assist return communities and villages in environmental management and related technical support.

The project will support communities living in priority return villages, through the use of participatory approaches, to identify and prioritise major environmental problems and possible solutions. Implementation opportunities and partners shall be identified as part of the assessment. Following this, limited environmental implementation activities will ensure that the principal environmental issues are addressed at the sites.

Building on ongoing IOM Village Assessments, ProAct is training IOM staff to undertake EPR assessments and begin the development of community environmental action plans in three to four identified sites where IOM has already verified returns of IDPs.

Overall, the project incorporates and applies data emerging from the ongoing IOM -ProAct Environmental and Livelihoods Vulnerability Mapping (ELVM) project in North and South Darfur, to help inform the IDP return process.

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