Camp Co-ordination and Camp Management Cluster (CCCM)

Guideline on Camp Phase-out and Closure

Project dates: February 2008 - March 2009 for displaced people are only ever intended to serve as a temporary solution, even though many may actually remain in place for several decades or longer. Environmental considerations need to be taken into account at all stages of a camp's existence, from the moment a site for a camp is being identified, to the time when it is actually closed.

While much progress has been made in integrating environmental issues into camp planning and management, there is still a need for more to be done.

One phase which has been particularly overlooked thus far relates to camp phase-out and closure. To address this gap, ProAct and CARE International have developed a Handbook on Camp Phase-out and Closure for the Camp Co-ordination and Camp Management (CCCM) Cluster, in collaboration with the UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) and the International Organisation for Migration (IOM). Intended primarily for field practitioners, the Handbook provides a detailed overview of some of the main aspects which need to be considered when a camp is being prepared for closure, as well as a possible sequence of events which might be considered, but highlights the fact that each situation needs to be assessed on the basis of its own qualities and needs.

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